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Education Consultancy Services

I provide a range of services designed to evaluate, challenge and support

Special Educational Needs - Hilary Macdonald Education Insights

Special Educational Needs

Enabling you to secure ambitious and inclusive education.

Informative assessment and evaluation of your SEND provision at individual school level, across your trust or group.

Specialist in local authority/local area reviews.

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Headteacher Support - Hilary Macdonald Education Insights
Consultancy from Hilary Macdonald Education Insights

Headteacher Support and Challenge

Leadership Coaching and Consultancy
Helping headteachers and senior leaders make change for the better, tackle challenges, and prepare for accountability.


Headteacher performance management

Working with governors and trustees to set and review targets leading to school improvement.

Supportive School Review - Hilary Macdonald Education Insights

Supportive School Reviews

Feel more confident in your school’s strengths and priorities.


An objective, formative review leading to next steps planning.

Hilary Macdonald Education Insights - Reviews
Independent Schools - Hilary Macdonald Education Insights
Hilary Macdonald Education Insights - Independent Schools reviews

Independent Schools Reviews

An objective review of compliance with ISS.

Reviews of:

  • safeguarding

  • leadership

  • educational provision

Help to identify/confirm your school’s greatest strengths and next steps.

Training Packages - Hilary Macdonald Education Insights

Training Packages for Teachers

Bespoke training designed to meet your needs precisely.

Please complete a contact form to arrange a discussion.

Hilary Macdonald Teacher Training

“... the inspiration you have given me”

I just wanted to write and say thank you, for the words you spoke on Friday, I feel that privilege and also the weight of responsibility.

Thank you for your guidance and support in my first year and a half as leader–those moments of complete clarity when I have spoken to you and the inspiration you have given me to aspire to be as knowledgeable and confident as you.

Education leader

December 2022

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